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+This Web site's [source files][www-git] are preprocessed with a Markdown
+interpreter and compiled with [ssic](projects/ssic/). Compilation is directed
+by a [makefile][www-git-makefile] that supports environments with (run `make`)
+without (run `make local`) a Web server.
-This server is an AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor dual-core 3.0-GHz CPU sitting next
-to one 2-GiB DDR3 SDRAM module, all on an Asus Micro-ATX motherboard and sitting
-inside a very old and bare Gateway chassis. Connected to the board is a 500-GB
-7200-RPM hard disk drive. Powering the whole machine is a 400-W ATX power
-supply. One front-mounted 80-mm fan keeps the case and components cool.
+The site is served by a Debian GNU/Linux system. The system's installed
+software packages and configuration files are managed using configuration
+packages (a custom configuration management solution).
+The system is virtualized on a KVM QEMU hypervisor running on a Debian GNU/Linux
+host (with no non-free software or firmware). The host system runs on a
+physical server with an AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor dual-core 3.0-GHz CPU, a
+4-GiB DDR3 SDRAM module, an Asus Micro-ATX motherboard, and a 400-W ATX power
+supply, all inside an old bare Gateway chassis.
-This server runs Debian GNU/Linux. There is no non-free software (not even
-firmware) installed on this system. I even have plans to someday port coreboot
-(freely-licensed and high-quality boot firmware) to my server's motherboard
-(and I purchased a board for which a port should be easy).
-With the help of apticron, I keep the system up-to-date with proposed updates
-and security fixes. These documents are served by the Apache Web server with
-`mod_include` for SSI parsing. My mail server of choice is Exim 4, however port
-25 is currently firewalled. I manage virtual hosts in Apache httpd and Exim
-using [VHC](projects/vhc/).
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